Tuesday, April 24, 2018



I am shocked we are here 18 years after your birth! It has been an exciting eighteen years with you around. On an early crisp morning, we came up to the hospital to ready for your planned arrival. Everything was by the book with you that morning. Funny how you are still a 'by the book' kind of gal. (This is what makes you a great pilot.) I remember how chubby you were and just loving to squish you. You were so delicious! Hence your name- EMILICIOUS!

You came into this world as a sister. And little did you know you would be a sister sandwiched RIGHT in the middle of four other siblings. You are a SUPER sis to Brittini, Kayla, DJ, and Taylor! GIRL, I've relished in your presence these last eighteen years. (minus the sassy bithy times) I love the way you’re gifted as a leader. I love your confidence in who you are. I love the way you don’t give in to status quo. I love your sense of humor! I love the way you push yourself. Oh, how I have learned so much from you, Emily. Your courage inspires me. God has been so faithful over these eighteen years. I have no doubt in my mind that these past experiences will be a guide to you as you SOAR into your future.

Now you are an official adult! CONGRATS! You now have a new chapter to write. The canvas is blank, ready to be colored by your God given gifts and talents. I have no doubt that the decisions you make here in the years to come will advance you for your future life.  You are so wise, even at eighteen! With much prayer and pondering, I have decided to make you a list of 18 WORDS OF WISDOM that you can take with you in the years to come.

1. Let God be your everything!
2. Thank Him for the breath He has given you and use it to encourage and help others.
3. Cherish your family.
4. Take care of your body.
5. Work hard at what you love doing.
6. Always have financial wisdom! Always!
7. Friendship is about quality, not quantity.
8. Know what you want- keep your goals and focus in front of you.
9. Accept and embrace change.
10. Learn from your mistakes!
11. Always be learning and gaining knowledge about this world and yourself.
12. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
13. Don’t worry too much! It’s a waste of time!
14. Don’t settle for less in a man than what you see in your daddy.
15. Nothing good happens past midnight!
16. Take the time to make wise choices and well thought out decisions.
17. Be okay with being different. J
18. No matter how old, how grown, how successful, know your parents are always there for you. 

Happy 18th birthday Emily Nicole! I love you so very much!

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