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Making a difference!!

Starting June 22nd, Our family will be participating in the 40 Day Fast, an idea a friend of mine Kat came up with after a huge response to a post she had on her blog titled "Please dont look away". I really liked the idea of blogging about something other than just ourselves. This is a great opportunity to get people invloved in effort to fight against poverty. The idea of the fast is to sacrifice and develop an understanding of the struggle of others.

Our entire family won't be fasting for 40 days, we are joining a group of people who will each fast one day out of the 40 days. Each person fasting will highlight on their blog an area of poverty in the world and a group or organization who is doing something to combat it.

So our day is on Monday July 30th. We will not neccessarily be fasting just food since I am nursing and our children will be invloved. Rather, we decided to fast the comforts the region we plan to highlight dont have the luxury of having. We went to New Delhi, India last December, and plan to share awareness for the Dalit people.

You will be able to follow the 40 day Fast on our site. Click on the date on the calendar located on our sidebar to see the website or blog of the person participating that day so you can experience the needs of this world, and be inspired to take action.

ALSO click on the 40 day fast logo to see how you can make a difference.

Friday, June 15, 2007

10 REASONS WHY we think our daddy is the BEST in the world!!

1. He loves God and he LOVES us!

2. He's a hard worker!

3. Our daddy takes us on BIKE rides!

And BICYCLE rides!

4. He tells us about Jesus, and shows us whats right and wrong.

5. Our dad cuddles with us!

6. He
teaches us about money and counting.

7. H
e always plays with us!

8. He tells us we are beautiful.

9. He takes us on adventures!

10. He loves our mommy alot!

Inspired by Dylan and Taylor
written by Kayla and Emily
edited by Momma
in dedication of our DAD.

LOOK at what our mommy did!

"Her nose has an earring in it!!" Comment by Emily to a friend.

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