Monday, April 25, 2016

Murder Mystery

We threw a fun SWEET 16TH party for our daughter. It was a MURDER MYSTERY. This was a fun time for everyone to be guilty until proven innocent.

We basically came up with a plot with characters. We invited friends to come and assigned them a character to create and embellish. 

We were having a "CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION" for the town. We had the mayor, townspeople, a realtor, farmer, baker, business men, sheriff, and more come to enjoy a picnic together. 

Suddenly, someone falls ill and dies. It appeared to be a poisoning. After the CSI team scans the land they find the poison bottle with a receipt. This ties the murderer to a few more items, a ring pop, and doritos. 

As everyone was questioned and it was finally concluded who the murderer was. EVERYONE did a fantastic job! We then enjoyed cake and ice cream and ended with AWARDS. 

We handed out specific awards to everyone. It sure was a fun party. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taylor's 9th!

Happy birthday to our joyful nine year old.

Seriously, this guy was smiling in the womb.

 He has always been marked with the spirit of Joy from the very beginning.

So blessed to have him in our family! 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prince Henry the Navigator

One of the many things I love about our homeschooling program is the many opportunities we give our students to take in history firsthand. It's as if they are a real life Liberty Kid. :)

Here is Prince Henry, aka Dylan. He got to write a research paper on a historical figure. He chose Prince Henry of Portugal. 

He got to put to work the many skills he had accumulated over the year. (research, writing, presenting)

His paper, titled A Princely Life, is linked here.  Read and enjoy!

He then dressed up as Prince Henry and presented this information to our community during the End of the Year picnic. I'm so proud of this boy and all of his hard work and skills!