Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter FUN!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008


THANK YOU to those who participated in the contest!!

We had a total of five people participate and I used RANDOM.ORG to give me a number between 1-5, and the results are:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-03-22 18:28:17 UTC

CONGRATS Lindsay! You were #3 to post. I will get in touch with you soon to discuss your prize. I just know you will be blessed by Natalie's work! I will post it on our site for all to see!

AND to those who PARTICIPATED, I am sending you a $5.00 Sonic Card! It was so much fun to hear about the names and meanings, and I know your birthday greetings blessed Natalie! I will be in touch with you soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An honorable mention, and a giveaway!!

We have gotten ahold of someone amazing and something amazing, and we just have to share it with the world!

A friend of ours named
Natalie recently made some beautiful portriats for the girls for their birthday. I cannot begin to describe the love and encouragement my girls feel from their framed portraits that now hang above their bed. After all, it was made specially unique just for each of them.

Today is Natalie's birthday (March 19th), and I wanted to honor her by sharing with the world what an amazing artist she is, and show-n-tell you some of her amazing work. Plus giveaway some of her art to a lucky winner!

Not only can Natalie paint faces and do a fantastic job
(like she did here at Kayla and Emily's birthday party), she can also design posters, t-shirts, websites, business brochures and cards, just take a look at her portfolio. She additionally can make wonderful headers just like ours on top of our family blog. Isnt it cute? What I like the best though, is her newest products- Clothed In Righteousness. She comes up with this original design according to the meaning of a name or a scripture. Each design is unique and special. These designs can be printed on onesies, burp clothes and/or onto paper as big as 11X17.

For Kayla, her name means:

SO Natalie came up with this scripture:

And made this picture to go along with it:

WALLA! The final product, hanging above
Kayla's bed.

And for Emily, her name means:

SO Natalie came up with this scripture:

And made this picture to go along with it:

WALLA! The final product, hanging above Emily's bed.

We are absolutely in love with these portraits, and Natalie is so artistic! She was so willing to change things around numerous times, and make adjustments until I thought it was complete! THANK YOU NATALIE for all you have done for us! We truly are blessed to know you!

With Natalie's approval, I am giving away ONE of her custom portraits without the frame (Just like the ones made for the girls accept with your choosing of the artwork and theme) if you can:
~Find the meaning of your name (or your child's name) and post it back here under the comments of this post along with a little birthday wish/cheer for Natalie! (even if you dont know her-anyone can wish a stranger a Happy Birthday!)
~This contest will close THIS Friday at 8:00PM CST. I will use to help me randomly pick the winner by using your comment number. The winner will be announced over the weekend.
~Any other comments not following these rules will NOT be included in the giveaway!
~The winner's completed portrait will be delivered to any US address, and the artwork will later be posted on this site for everyone to see what amazing things Natalie can do. WOO-HOOO!!!

Lastly, go check out Natalie's website at Seriously, I only blog about worthy things, you will not be disappointed!

Monday, March 17, 2008

For Sale

Im selling our Jeep Wagoneer Double Stroller for $65.00. It was bought new in March 2007 for $128.76. Listed are some of the stroller's features and specifications:
  • Rear seat accomodates most brands of infant car seats
  • Front seat partially reclines
  • Rear seat fully reclines for infants
  • Parent cup holder
  • Each child has their own tray
  • Toy steering wheel
  • Convenient 1-hand fold
  • Extra large basket with zipper access and 2 cargo bags
  • Wilderness Active-Lifestyle nylon fabric
  • Seat pads protected with TEFLON to resist stains
  • Model No. 55801-XT
  • Check it out online at
If interested, please contact me!


A blog giveaway is around the corner!


Over Spring Break we did an extreme makeover on the girls bedroom.(not too extreme- but extreme enough for us!)

We painted, and changed up the style of the room from little girl to big girl (sniff-sniff)
The girls played a huge role in the makeover. Im so proud and blessed to have these girls around!
Here are a few pics of the process, and then a picture of (part of) the room completed.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lots to say!

We have been one busy family lately! WHEW! We sure are looking forward to Spring Break this week. (Not to mention painting the girls room, a road trip to Glen Rose, Spring cleaning, etc)

Alot is happening around here, so bare with me and the long post!
First off, isnt this a cute picture of these brothers? This is were you will find them often, playing at the train table. Taylor is walking all around it. He is getting so big. And Dylan is such a good big brother, he likes to share his food with Taylor (cheetos, apple juice, pg&j, candy)

You will also find Dylan playing with his new deisel truck. He likes to carry cargo, and make stops to unload. He is all boy, and all about trucks, cars, airplanes, trains, boats, helicopters, motorcycles, and any other thing than can GO!!

We spent a weekend in Arlington a while back. It was our cousin Bayleigh's second birthday, it was so much fun to be with family. Kayla and Emily really enjoy spending time with their cousin Leighanna. Arent they all beautiful?

This last week was Joel's 30th birthday. I aka momma got pretty ill on Joels actually birthdate, but recovered quickly, in enough time to host his 30th bday party. We had a blast with lots of family and friends at Joels favorite resteraunts. Here is Joel protecting the cake from the hungry boys!

Kayla also had her first soccer game. It was a learning experience for all. I was so proud of how hard they played. By the way, the name of the team has been decided the Purple Pantherettes! Kayla has so much energy, she was all over the field! Look at this enlarged and zoomed in picture of Kayla mid air! What a great way to funnel her energy!!

Over the weekend, the girls had their joint birthday party. This is the second year we have had the parties together. Its a great way to get all their girlfriends together and celebrate. (We also celebrate their birthdates individually with family too!) Since Kayla's bday is in February, and Emily's is in April, we have the party in March!

I cannot tell you how much fun we had! I will just have to show you in pictures! We had a "Scavenger Hunt" birthday party. Where we got clues all throughout the night and went all over town. Check it out below!

Stop by again soon, we have a few surprises in store. Like a bloggy giveaway (everybodys doing it-we might as well too!) And a special adoption to share!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Our daddy is amazing.
(He has learned how to be such a great daddy from one of the best dads-Willie.)

Today we celebrate our dad! We are so thankful and blessed that he is ours!

The girls and I sat down and listed out some adjectives that best describe our daddy. And this is what we came up with.

Just in case you cant read it from the picture, we wrote:


We pray the Lord will continue to abundantly give our dad strength, guidance, counsel, blessings, and provisions in the next year!

Please, drop a line and wish our dad a
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Random act of kindness.....

...Just thought I would share truly blessed my heart.

This afternoon, I was taking a nap while the boys slept, and the girls watched a movie. Joel was out working. I woke up to the sound of dishes clunking and clanking. I thought Joel was home and decided to do the dishes. I came downstairs, and to my surprise, KAYLA was doing the dishes!!! She had put away all the dishes in the dishwasher and started to reload it.

Honestly, I was speechless. I mustered the question "What are you doing?" And she said "Mom, I just thought it would bless you if I washed the dishes."

I hugged her big and deeply thanked her.

It was such a heartfelt moment. I was reminded of the scripture that says my children will rise up and call me blessed. Seriously, I am truly blessed to have two daughters who help me so much!