Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lots to say!

We have been one busy family lately! WHEW! We sure are looking forward to Spring Break this week. (Not to mention painting the girls room, a road trip to Glen Rose, Spring cleaning, etc)

Alot is happening around here, so bare with me and the long post!
First off, isnt this a cute picture of these brothers? This is were you will find them often, playing at the train table. Taylor is walking all around it. He is getting so big. And Dylan is such a good big brother, he likes to share his food with Taylor (cheetos, apple juice, pg&j, candy)

You will also find Dylan playing with his new deisel truck. He likes to carry cargo, and make stops to unload. He is all boy, and all about trucks, cars, airplanes, trains, boats, helicopters, motorcycles, and any other thing than can GO!!

We spent a weekend in Arlington a while back. It was our cousin Bayleigh's second birthday, it was so much fun to be with family. Kayla and Emily really enjoy spending time with their cousin Leighanna. Arent they all beautiful?

This last week was Joel's 30th birthday. I aka momma got pretty ill on Joels actually birthdate, but recovered quickly, in enough time to host his 30th bday party. We had a blast with lots of family and friends at Joels favorite resteraunts. Here is Joel protecting the cake from the hungry boys!

Kayla also had her first soccer game. It was a learning experience for all. I was so proud of how hard they played. By the way, the name of the team has been decided the Purple Pantherettes! Kayla has so much energy, she was all over the field! Look at this enlarged and zoomed in picture of Kayla mid air! What a great way to funnel her energy!!

Over the weekend, the girls had their joint birthday party. This is the second year we have had the parties together. Its a great way to get all their girlfriends together and celebrate. (We also celebrate their birthdates individually with family too!) Since Kayla's bday is in February, and Emily's is in April, we have the party in March!

I cannot tell you how much fun we had! I will just have to show you in pictures! We had a "Scavenger Hunt" birthday party. Where we got clues all throughout the night and went all over town. Check it out below!

Stop by again soon, we have a few surprises in store. Like a bloggy giveaway (everybodys doing it-we might as well too!) And a special adoption to share!


Becca said...

Wow, you guys sure have been busy! It's been pretty busy around here too. The party looks like fun and Joels party was great, lots of fun :) The boys look so cute in their matching overalls at the train table.

Crystal said...

The Strickland clan has been busy. Great pictures. Did you do the face painting?

The Gardner's said...

You guys have been busy! What an amazing family you have...and how much fun you guys always seem to have!
It probably has a lot to do with a certain awesome Mommy.

SuperMom said...

Hey, I went to HOT Tropical Tans on Valley Mills for the spray tanning. I really liked it! Let me know before you go....there's a few tips that will help!

Mandy said...

What a great update! I am glad you all are having so much great family time :) what fun you all have - great memories!

Tricia said...

Oh my goodness, how cute! Who did that face painting? It's SO good! I'm going to have to copy that idea for one of Addi's birthdays when she's a little older.

Lindsay said...

Who did your family pictures in the black shirts? LOVE THEM...