Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An honorable mention, and a giveaway!!

We have gotten ahold of someone amazing and something amazing, and we just have to share it with the world!

A friend of ours named
Natalie recently made some beautiful portriats for the girls for their birthday. I cannot begin to describe the love and encouragement my girls feel from their framed portraits that now hang above their bed. After all, it was made specially unique just for each of them.

Today is Natalie's birthday (March 19th), and I wanted to honor her by sharing with the world what an amazing artist she is, and show-n-tell you some of her amazing work. Plus giveaway some of her art to a lucky winner!

Not only can Natalie paint faces and do a fantastic job
(like she did here at Kayla and Emily's birthday party), she can also design posters, t-shirts, websites, business brochures and cards, just take a look at her portfolio. She additionally can make wonderful headers just like ours on top of our family blog. Isnt it cute? What I like the best though, is her newest products- Clothed In Righteousness. She comes up with this original design according to the meaning of a name or a scripture. Each design is unique and special. These designs can be printed on onesies, burp clothes and/or onto paper as big as 11X17.

For Kayla, her name means:

SO Natalie came up with this scripture:

And made this picture to go along with it:

WALLA! The final product, hanging above
Kayla's bed.

And for Emily, her name means:

SO Natalie came up with this scripture:

And made this picture to go along with it:

WALLA! The final product, hanging above Emily's bed.

We are absolutely in love with these portraits, and Natalie is so artistic! She was so willing to change things around numerous times, and make adjustments until I thought it was complete! THANK YOU NATALIE for all you have done for us! We truly are blessed to know you!

With Natalie's approval, I am giving away ONE of her custom portraits without the frame (Just like the ones made for the girls accept with your choosing of the artwork and theme) if you can:
~Find the meaning of your name (or your child's name) and post it back here under the comments of this post along with a little birthday wish/cheer for Natalie! (even if you dont know her-anyone can wish a stranger a Happy Birthday!)
~This contest will close THIS Friday at 8:00PM CST. I will use to help me randomly pick the winner by using your comment number. The winner will be announced over the weekend.
~Any other comments not following these rules will NOT be included in the giveaway!
~The winner's completed portrait will be delivered to any US address, and the artwork will later be posted on this site for everyone to see what amazing things Natalie can do. WOO-HOOO!!!

Lastly, go check out Natalie's website at Seriously, I only blog about worthy things, you will not be disappointed!


Becca said...

I love them. Natalie is SO talented, she did my business logo.


gwsas4 said...

Meaning of my kids names:
Aidan - is Celtic &
means "little fire"

Gregory - is Latin & means "vigilant"

Aidan Gregory is actually quite a strong name. We're proud of it!

Nathan - is Hebrew & means "God has given" (we had a hard time getting pregnant with him so this meaning was really cool to us)

Elijah - is Hebrew & means "My God is the Lord"

Nathan Elijah is named after two Biblical prophets! We love his name!


Lindsay said...

My name is Lindsay Mica.

First names after the bionical woman--Lindsay Wagner and the middle after my dad-Michael.

Lindsay means From a Scottish surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "Lincoln's wetland" in Old English.

Mica means Possibly means "brook" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament she was a daughter of Saul who married David.

Happy Birthday to a wonderfully talented lady--Natalie!

Becca said...

ps. my audrianna's name means

audrianna: nobility
nicole: victory of the people

Mandy said...

My name Amanda means lovable or beloved.

The name I feel God has given me for a child someday is Bethany after the town in which a lady poured all she had in life at Jesus feet -meaning she who pours her life out before the Lord, possibly with the middle name Moriah which means the Lord will proved so together they mean pour your life out for the Lord and He will provide.

To Nat! I am so blessed Jesus put you in our life we love you and wish you the bestest birthday ever!

Crystal said...

Gaven - Strength in Victory

Caitlin - Pure

Happy Birthday Natalie!! Your artwork is wonderful.