Monday, April 25, 2016

Murder Mystery

We threw a fun SWEET 16TH party for our daughter. It was a MURDER MYSTERY. This was a fun time for everyone to be guilty until proven innocent.

We basically came up with a plot with characters. We invited friends to come and assigned them a character to create and embellish. 

We were having a "CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION" for the town. We had the mayor, townspeople, a realtor, farmer, baker, business men, sheriff, and more come to enjoy a picnic together. 

Suddenly, someone falls ill and dies. It appeared to be a poisoning. After the CSI team scans the land they find the poison bottle with a receipt. This ties the murderer to a few more items, a ring pop, and doritos. 

As everyone was questioned and it was finally concluded who the murderer was. EVERYONE did a fantastic job! We then enjoyed cake and ice cream and ended with AWARDS. 

We handed out specific awards to everyone. It sure was a fun party. 

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Mandy said...

This is SO cute! Can you share your plot and characters with me ?:) I have been wanting to do one but had to many people for the boxed versions and well they're not always umm clean ;)