Friday, June 15, 2007

10 REASONS WHY we think our daddy is the BEST in the world!!

1. He loves God and he LOVES us!

2. He's a hard worker!

3. Our daddy takes us on BIKE rides!

And BICYCLE rides!

4. He tells us about Jesus, and shows us whats right and wrong.

5. Our dad cuddles with us!

6. He
teaches us about money and counting.

7. H
e always plays with us!

8. He tells us we are beautiful.

9. He takes us on adventures!

10. He loves our mommy alot!

Inspired by Dylan and Taylor
written by Kayla and Emily
edited by Momma
in dedication of our DAD.


Tressa said...

Leave Joel a comment to share any Fathers Day thoughts. It will bless him!!!

Grandpa said...

Very well said, I agree wholeheartedly.

Tricia said...

so sweet---your kiddos have a GREAT dad!!!!!

Crystal said...


Thanks for not only being a daddy to your own but to those of us who need a little help in that department.

The Sanders' Family

Freda said...


You are pretty awesome and a great example to other Dad's your family and all of us are blessed to have you!

Arleen Nixon said...

Your a very special nephew and great dad and your mom up above is very proud. Love Aunt Arleen