Thursday, May 29, 2008

Second Grade

Second Grade is a special place,
see the big smile on my face.

Games to play and songs to sing,

we learn about EVERYTHING!

We learn our ABC's,

right down to the XYZ's.

Reading, writing, and spelling too.
We even know 2 + 2!

Theres time for work and time for play,

we learn new things everyday!

Second Grade is a special place.

See the BIG smile on my face.

This is one of the poems the girls recited at school. I cannot believe 2nd Grade is over now. Here we come 3rd Grade!!

Here is Emily reciting "He's Got The Whole Beach In His Pants" by Alan Katz The picture was fuzzy, but you can see she is wearing her beach gear- and has props: a sand bucket, a fake lobster and starfish at her feet.
My brother played down in the sand,
he had alot of cool shovels in his hand. But now home he's jumping like a rubber band, he's got the whole beach in his pants. He's got the whole beach, in his pants, when he takes them off, a clam'll do a dance. If you change his diaper theres quite a chance, you'll find a lobster in his pants! People take shells as souvenirs, he's got a ton of sand in his hair and ears. He's the reason that they say: "The coast is clear". Think he should sleep at the pier!!

And Kayla recited "A Colorful Butterfly" by Tressa Strickland See her beautiful butterfly? She is using it as a prop so it could "swoop" through the air!

I watched a big butterfly go swooping thru the air. Blue, gold and yellow -his colors were so fair

As I watched him fly up in the sky, I rose upon my tippy toes he came down before my eyes and landed on my nose!

My eyes they crossed that I might see thisbig wonderful thing I cant believe all the colors he had on both his wings.

He fluttered his wings open and closed on this sunny day Suddenly, the wind began to blow and the butterfly flew away.

This butterfly made me very happy and so very glad
to see him oh so closely and all the colors that he had.

We are so proud of our girls- and how well they accomplished 2nd Grade.


Foresterclan said...

I guess I missed the part where they are in the same grade. Are they twins? Mekala just finished the second grade too.

Whoo who! yea for third grade!!
(pulse I get to do second again next year!)

Becca said...

yeah girls! congrats! i'm glad 2nd grade was so much fun!