Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Post!

Wow, the last time I posted something on our site was on Jan. 4th. I have been a very distracted momma lately. I would upload pictures to share, but haven't been taking many pictures lately either.

As some of you may know, I am now homeschooling TWO 3rd graders! Which of course, has taken alot of my time. I love this opportunity to be able to teach and sow into my daughters and have them close. Im not gonna lie- its hard! But I know it will all be worth it to have these girls home during these formative years. No telling how long I will continue this path, we are just taking it a year at a time. We are re-evaluating for the next year-who knows!

We are also spending alot of time on remodeling our home. The kids bathroom needed help. Our amazing dad has retiled the tub, and the floor. We are in the middle of painting the walls and sealing the tile. I will post pictures later.

We are also putting up a big rectanglular fence in the back yard for our garden. We are starting to collect all of our gear, and will be tilling the earth soon! The girls are so excited about having our own garden. In science we are studying Creation through Botany. Im learning so much too about Gods design in plants!!

Another project around the corner is to pull up our living room carpet, which has been so abused, and we will be laying down wooden floors. SO EXCITING! The Lord knows the desires of our hearts and He provides!!

We are gearing up for WORLD MANDATE. A huge conference held by our church. I think this is the last year I play a lead role in World Mandate with the childrens department. Sad, but relieving in a way.

We are about to send out the invitations to our daughters 10th birthday party! TEN! My oh my how much she has grown! It will be a "garden party" to help equip Kayla for her first garden.

Emmy is happy to be starting soccer soon. She has been outside practicing and getting ready. We think she is going to be an amazing player.

The boys are doing great. They are really happy to involve with eachother these days. They can also fight too! Whew!

Thats the Strickland update! Hopefully I can find more time soon to post pics and share more of our happenings soon!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

You are a wonderful mama! I miss world mandate...I can't wait til we go again!

bri said...

I only have 2 and they are not homeschooling and I never have time! hahaha I can only IMAGINE your schedule now!

I love the gardening plans! So much fun. We are supposed to be getting a garden up and going but it is definitely hard with two infant boys. My aunt who lives next door is a horticulturalist so she is my brain when it comes to plants. Let me know if you need any answers... I will ask HER!! hahaha.

Emmy is going to be a great athlete. She has such determination and strength! She will be great at many things!

mideastmom said...

Told you it was a slippery slope! :-)

Enjoy this weekend for us, okay? Wish we could be there. But we're here. Which I guess is really the point. :-P

Becca said...

GAW MOM, get it together, you can't do EVERYTHING and blog :) Really though I definitely feel you and I'm not homeschooling either!

I am so excited about getting our garden up and going too, I had so much fun with it last year, hopefully this year will be a little more productive, but either way it's fun!

Jenni Carlisle said...

Hey there, been meaning to talk Homeschool with you because we are starting in the Fall and we will be starting Third grade...Caleb and Bella...so get ready to share your wisdom. Let's get together some time after WM and chat, missing you!

kathy Strickland said...

Blessings upon you! I know that your children will be thankful for your time and all of the love you have put into their education and well being,

Charree said...

Sounds like you have been BUSY.

I really like you family photo up in the corner.

Have a blessed weekend!

N.Ward.Designs said...

if anyone can do it, you can!!