Monday, August 24, 2009

Mom and daughter communication

Ive noticed that my girls constantly need more opportunities to talk deep with me. To express the things on their hearts, to share a situation, or get advice. Its hard to find the time to talk, or even to communicate uninterrupted.

So a while back I started these "Mom and me" journals. Its a journal that we write to eachother. After each entry, we place the journal under the other persons pillow. The journal is kept private and between the two writers, (except I got permission to share this on our site). Its been a really precious dear thing.

We have shared jokes, talked about spirituality, asked personal questions, an most of all, Ive been purposeful about the opportunity to build up and encourage them. Well, recently, Ive gotten these two entries. One from each girl.

From Kayla(click on image to enlarge and read):

From Emily(click on image to enlarge and read):

These girls have also taken the opportunity to build up and encourage their momma. I love- love- LOVE these girls! Proverbs 31:28a NLT "Her children stand and bless her..."


Mandy said...

that is AWESOME!

bri said...

*tear* OH my goodness!!! I am sooo incredibly inspired! You and your family bless me repeatedly just knowing your interactions with one another. I LOVE the way you build up your children and in turn the way they bless others because of that LOVE!