Sunday, October 18, 2009

TOO much to say.. SO little time!!

The Stricklands have been BUSY lately. Just busy with life! Im hoping this week things can get back into order and slow down.

Since September we have started to lead a lifegroup- which is so exciting- but takes much more of our time. We have had the flu- twice, went on a camping trip, and had two major sale on two different Saturdays: one was an estate sale for my grandmother and the other our garage sale.

We have also been committed to Financial Peace University- which I hope I can write about soon! We are learning so much!

A few nights ago, we met up with some friends to eat pizza and carve pumpkins. It was alot of fun- and I actually grabbed Joels iPhone for a few pics.

Hopefully I can blog more as things slow down. Have a great week!

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bri said...

sheesh homegirl... where'd you hit up the pumpkin patch??? That's a heckuva lotta pumpkins! LOL looks/sounds like so much fun!