Saturday, July 7, 2012


We were SO blessed today to get to hand pick grapes from a beautiful large vine behind Joel's grandparents yard. It was not easy handpicking those grapes, and I'm so glad we 6Stricklands pulled together to get it done! 

Once we picked them, we boiled them in a huge pot. Oh the aroma!! We then strained the mush to savor every drop of the juice. We then bottled the juice for canning- 2 gallons of grape juice! PLUS I was also able to sweeten a pitcher to drink over ice. Yum!

We then brought home the juice and we made it into a ton of grape jelly. I was also very delighted to make a low sugar grape syrup for our snowcone machine. YUMMY! 
Below is a picture tutorial from start to finish. 

We are SO thankful the Lord has blessed us with generous grandparents and so thankful for grapes- of course!!

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Mandy said...

that is so fun! what great memories and yummy ones to :) - I know everyone involved was so blessed! You guys are awesome!