Sunday, April 14, 2013


We sure do enjoy this Science book called SCIENCE ROCKS!

This book is FULL of wonderful experiments. We have done alot of them. I really like how practical these experiments are, requiring normal household items.

So, the book has been on the shelf for months untouched. Today DJ had his mind set on doing the AIR-RESISTING EGGS. With 4 simple steps we were able to get on the roof of the house and parachute eggs! :) The main objective was to learn more about air resistance. We pondered "Will the egg with the biggest parachute did not crack when it hit the ground?"

Here are some pics and videos. You will notice our dog Lucy - she was waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch one of those parachuting eggs! hahaha

Putting it all together.

About to launch!! 


 Parachuting again! Meet Lucy! :)

The lesson learned- the larger the parachute, the more air to catch, the safer your egg! Not one crack!

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