Friday, November 4, 2016

A Strickland Heritage

There is a Historical Marker in the zipcode of Moody, which was the long forgotten area of Eagle Springs in days past. This marker sits on the property of Eagle Springs Baptist Church. 

It reads  "This congregation grew from an early Coryell County fellowship known as the Church of Onion Creek. Worshippers met in a log building until it burned in 1854. In 1858 this site was acquired for a new church building. In the same year, the Rev. John McLain, a Baptist Missionary, organized the Eagle Springs Baptist Church from the earlier congregation. Charter members inclded J. H. and Nancy Estep; Evan A. and Tabitha Culpepper; Wyatt, Naomi and Serepha Hall; F. M. Elmira, and Mary Grimes; Daniel Jones; and C. S. and Zura Strickland. By 1880 Eagle Springs was a thriving community with two grocery stores, two doctors' offices, a post office, and a school. The congregation grew also, with many baptisms being held in the Leon River. During the first decades of the twentieth century, families began moving away form Eagle Springs. The community school was closed in 1935, and in 1948 members of Eagle Springs Baptist Church voted to disband. The church building was retained, however, for reunions and occasional services. It is one of the few remaining structures in the Eagle Springs Community." 

Some of these names mentioned here are Joel's ancestors. Joel's grandfather, Walton Strickland, son to C.S. and Zura, has spent years preaching in this old church building, to sort of keep the memory and heritage alive. 

This year, Joel was able to speak and have the girls come up and share a little bit. It truly was an honor. 

Down the road you will find the Post Oak Cemetery. This is the resting place for alot of the Stricklands. Its a peaceful place. 

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