Thursday, October 18, 2007

Curtains..and someone worth mentioning!

We are redoing the girls room to be more appropriate for 2nd graders! So, my sister in law Becca, aka Aunt Becca, made these curtains for the girls.

We like these curtains not just because they are cute- they are also practical. Theres pockets on the curtains! The curtains are currently holding the girls webkinz and journals. What a great idea!!

I cannot begin to tell you all how amazing Aunt Becca is. Not only is she a full time mom, but she has started a business called ALLINDIE DESIGNS. She makes things like jewelry, purses, curtains, theraputic rice pillows, baby burp rags, embroidery, belts, bandana dresses, candy jars, oh mygoodness and so much more!!!

You can view her business web page here, or order online here. And see more of her products here. She also has a family website like us, you can view it here. She is very talented, and very prompt with her work! I totally recommend Becca to any of you out there interested in getting a new belt, or curtains, or a rice pillow!


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Becca said...

I love you guys too. I am so glad that you guys like the curtains :)