Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Pumpkin Story by Kayla.

Not long ago me and my family went to a pumpkin patch in a town called Floydada, its in Texas.

There was a big red barn where they sold alot of pumpkins.

The pumpkins came from a real pumpkin patch that was right next to the barn. The pumpkins grow from the vine, and the vine grows from the ground. My family helps grow this patch.

There was all different kinds, colors and shapes of pumpkins.

There was this beautiful shiny pumpkin, it shined in the sun!

There was a grandma and witch pumpkin, and a bunch of different character pumpkins! My favorite one was the puppy pumpkin.

We found a pumpkin that we liked best to take home. We weighed it, and it weighed 12 pounds!

Then we looked around, there was a car that was dressed up like a pumpkin too! We got tired and hungry and went back home.

We put the great pumpkin on our front porch.

Then it was finally time to carve the pumpkin. We carved it in our back yard. We made a scary pumpkin!

Silly Daisy, she kept eating the insides of the pumpkin, yuck!

We put it back out on the front porch, and put and candle in it. Then we lit up the pumpkin with a candle inside.

It looks very scary to me. What I like the most about our pumpkin now is it has a great big smile!

I just know all the trick or treaters will be scared!


kathy Strickland said...

What a GREAT story!! I really like the characters that you have in your story.

Kayla you are a very good writer!

Love you

Mandy said...

Kayla that is a wonderful story with lots of descriptive words! You are a great author who thinks out her story well!

Nana said...

This is great story!! I love pumpkins too. We carve many for our front yard, but yours looks the scariest. I am glad you had fun and maybe you can do it again next year!
love ya-

Donna said...

Great story Kayla! I'm one of your cousins up in Pennsylvania. My Name is Donna. It was nice to see all your pictures. Tell your family I said hello.