Sunday, November 22, 2009


Oh my- oh my! It has begun!

The Strickland girls are sucked into the world of American Girl. Now, I have to say- Id much rather them be into A.G. than other options for girls this age. Its just SO EXPENSIVE!!

It first started with our trip to Williamsburg last year, and then reading about the American Girl "Felicity" who lived in those times. Then we realized there was more to A.G. when we got our first catalog!

So finally, for Christmas, we told the girls we would get them their first doll. My mom (aka NANA) and I took the girls to the American Girl store in Dallas. We have saved and saved and saved because anything "American Girl" will cost a pretty penny!

Here are a few p


carlisle clan conversation... said...

So fun! Bella LOVES AG and (shhh)is getting the five movies they have out for Christmas. We got them for a great deal! The Waco library has them to borrow or you can always borrow ours. She also has several books. You are such a fun Mommy!

PS AG on Dave Ramsey's budget?!?! YOU GO GIRL!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I had the Samantha special.

bri said...

what a precious memory with your girls. You are indeed a fun mommy!

Penelope said...

That looks like so much fun . . . I can't wait to take Anna there one day!
Tell Emily that I have that Moly doll too & I got her when I was her exact same age!! :)