Friday, November 6, 2009

Homeschooling at the speed of life!!

The title of this post is the title of one of my favorite homeschooling books! But the title perfectly depicts our lives right now. Life, homeschooling, family is all just speeding though time! I cant believe we are in November!?

Anyway, just thought I would update the Strickland Site with some fresh new pictures! First off, it was my moms birthday. This is us posing at a park last weekend. I love and admire this woman for who she is and where she has come and where she is headed. She is way cooler than I am!

Look! Its the moon!!

Can you believe that I took this picture of the moon? Read more about our new educational tool here on our school site.

We had a special visitor over a few weeks ago. We hope he comes back! We took this picture at the Baylor parade. 2 Stricklands = 1 Braden!!

Our boys (2 and 4) consume so much of me these days.

Recently, Taylor has broken a vase, my cd player in my car, and Emily's wallet. All things precious, but we are mindful how more precious he is than our things. Because my goodness this boy is adorable and I God did that on purpose!

DJ is mister personality. He us very strong willed and has his own ideas about things. We do alot of negotiating. He really is turning into a fine young man. We are working on being truthful right now.

The girls have been absolutely amazing these days! Not only are they growing more beautiful each day- inside and out. They are such wonderful students, daughters, big sisters, ect. Homeschooling is going wonderfully. They enjoy the co-op on Fridays. They recently had their first Choir performance, it was perfect!

In art, we've been doing alot of quilling. Read more about that on our homeschool site.

Wouldnt you know our garden is still growing! Our mums are blooming so beautiful!

And our tomato plant is going at it again too! The weather has been wonderful for the plants!
Our roses have been gorgeous and they smell so good. Kayla cut some and put them in a vase on my desk and it was such a blessing to smell them!

We also have alot of basil. So I found a recipe to make some basil olive oil. Can we say - Christmas presents??

Other than these things mentioned, we've survived Halloween, pin worms, bed time battles, and the flu.

We are still in Financial Peace University and its going great! We are learning alot of tools and implementing them into our finances. I tell you, our money is behaving so much better! Hopefully one day I can blog more about it.

We also just started leading a lifegroup. We love our lifegroup people! So many personalities, so many giftings...its been a joy to be able to lead out this group of people! We will be serving in our first outreach at our churchs meal to the homeless at Thanksgiving.

So excited about the upcoming holidays! We are lovin' the colder weather too!


carlisle clan conversation... said...

1. I think you are pretty cool your self.

2. Great pic!

3. Love all the pics on the kids...very CUTE!

4. does one get on your Christmas list? :) (Can I get that recipe?)

Mandy said...

Love the update - great snapshot of your busy but soooo worht it life :) I also have a basil plant I inherited when Lisa moved to CA so can I have that recipe to - I promise not to give it as Christmas presents to our mutualk friends and family :)

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Waaait, did you really take that picture of the moon?? That is amazing! I am learning a lot about little boys and what to expect in the years ahead?