Monday, January 18, 2010

Helping Haiti's Helpers

Our hearts have been stirred since the tragic event in Haiti. As you know, we have some friends (from REAL HOPE FOR HAITI) who run the Rescue Center in Cazale, which is close to Port-Au-Prince. Licia and her two siblings moved to Haiti with their parents in the 90's and has lived there ever since. She and her sister married Haitians. Licia married Enoch and they have 3 precious boys: Carmelo, Henley, and Trey.

We have been praying and thinking about HOW we can help in this crisis, even with the's hard to just sit and watch. The kids in the rescue center are safe, but have been sleeping outside since the earthquake. People are coming to them for help- for they also run a clinic. Enoch and Licia decided its best to send their kids back to America.

In Licia's words "The kids are being exposed to so many things. The Haitian TV stations have no censorship and show everything. The workers talk and the kids hear. They are having bad dreams, we are running out of food. So we all talked yesterday and decided to send them out to my brother Casey and his family that live in Washington State. This has been a very difficult decision for us to make but we feel for now it is the best one for our kids."

Licia's brother lives in Washington State and will take the boys. They are only allowed to leave with a backpack, so you can imagine- they will need clothes, shoes, and of course some comfort items. This has become our calling!!

This family has given so much to the Haitian people. What a great opportunity to show them the Lord's kindness and goodness!! If you have been wanting to give, but didn't know how or where- this is your chance!

We are gathering supplies for the boys until THURSDAY!!
I have talked with the owner of our local UPS store, and he is willing to send any packages to the Betor boys for free.
~The boys wear sizes 12/14, 7/8, 4/5, new or gently used clothing (Shirts, pants, underwear, socks, PJ'S, jackets, hats)
~Boy toys and goodies!!

~Gift cards to Walmart or Targer would be a tremendous blessing too! This could cover food, shoes, supplies, and any extras. The boys are homeschooled as well.
~PRAY! Imagine yourself in such a situation- think of the things you'd want prayer for.

If you're local, we will gladly pick up any item mentioned above, pack them, and send them over to the boys!

OR you can send them directly to Licia's brother at the address below. This is not the address the boys will be staying at- just the address that will be receiving the items.


1102 8th Ave #101
Seattle, WA 98101

If you have any kind of donation, please email us or give us a call.
There is a Haitian proverb that is translated "With many hands, the load is not heavy." We truly believe if everyone can contribute in a small way- we can give MUCH!

You can also read more about the Betor family on their blog. Or you can visit the Rescue Center's website. Also, CNN did some coverage on R.H.F.H.

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