Saturday, January 23, 2010

UPDATE: Helping Haiti's Helpers

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."

This quote is so true. In the aftermath of Haiti's earthquake, we wanted to do something!! But we knew we couldn't do much alone. SO- we sent out the call for help in our community, and so many people said they could do something. This week we gathered up those "somethings" and sent out 4 BOXES to the Betor boys today!!

The Betor boys who have only known life in Haiti are now with their uncle Casey in Washington State. Praise God!
Please continue to pray for Licia, her husband Enoch, their kiddos Carmelo, Henley, and Trey.

And dont forget to pray Licia's sister Lori as she provides medical care for the many patients! For her dad and brother who run the Rescue Center, and all the staff who work hard to keep the center running. And of course all the children and patients being cared for.

There was a post recently done by Casey to show opportunities to know more about what RHFH does on a daily basis and how you can partner with them in the future. Click here to read more about it. I am in awe of all they do for the Haitian people. "They are spending their lives well" as Casey put it.

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