Thursday, February 4, 2010

And so it grows....

We are so so excited about the upcoming gardening season. I've been planning out the garden this year which will be double in size than last year.

I just love to HOPE of LIFE in the SPRING. I set out some time to get into the garden and start tilling the toil. I found that all my bulbs have started to grow again. Without me doing a thing! Here are a few pics of whats growing.

And to my amazement, our strawberry plants have persevered the winters chill thus far. Of course I cover them when it freezes. Im expecting a good crop this year!

I was able to till and and replenish the soil in an area to plant onions.
This year I have doubled my onions. We now have white, yellow, and purple onions. Hoping and praying they all grow plump for picking!!

that I have the garden going, we decided to plant some seedlings. We doubled the size of our "Light House" to raise up more seedlings.

was Joel's invention. VERY easy to make out of cardboard, foil, tape, and two lights. We did this last year and it worked out really well. The top doors open.

We planted seedling for tomatoes, okra, broccoli, cucumbers, beans, peas,
lettuce, spinach, herbs such as cilantro, basil, rosemary, parsley, dill. We will see how well it all grows this year!

We will start some seeds for our sunflowers and othe
r flowers soon. Later spring we will start those melons and corn!

By no means are we professionals, but we sure are enjoying these fun times and hope we can gain some fruits!

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