Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pompeii Powerpoint Presentation

We are so blessed to have family who love to share their life experiences! Our Pawpaw and Nana like to travel to Europe. They recently went to Italy. They had a chance to tour the ruins of Pompeii.

Since we are studying Ancient Rome in homeschool, we thought it would be awesome to learn more about Pompeii, which was a wonderful town full of all sorts of people and culture!

Since our Pawpaw and Nana don't live close, our Nana decided to put together a power point presentation for the girls. We opened it up at home, and had a "conference call" with her to hear and discuss each of the 15 page presentation.

She shared some of the amazing pictures Pawpaw took. She shared the sights and wonders of the ruined city. Here are a few slides she shared, one on the computer and one I made a picture of. (click to enlarge)

These last two pictures below were in the presentation and really moved both the girls a
nd I. The first picture is of a ruined temple. But if you look in the background, you will notice Mount Vesuvius. Just amazing to see Pompeii in the shadows of the volcano.

This other picture is of the objects found in the buried town. Things like a helmet, bread, a cast of a human body. Truly amazing.