Saturday, June 12, 2010

My goodness!

I am happy to start this post off at the end of a loooooong week. Im looking forward to starting a fresh new week! ;)

I have been planning for a mini church camp for the preschoolers of our church. It was called the RAINFOREST ADVENTURE. Such a fun- busy-hard-rewarding-stretching week! Here are a few pics of the decorations.

In the middle of our crazy week, our dad had to go get himself hurt. He accidentally stabbed himself in his forehead. He was cutting a heavy duty zip tie upwards and ended up hitting himself. 7 Stitches.

Then we ended our week splitting up. I took Em and Taylor to a wedding, while Joel took the other two camping with the lifegroup. We would meet up after the wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding!! The bride- my cousin Brooke was stunning! I was taking some pictures and took this last one.
Notice Taylor resting his head on this lovely table. After I took this picture, I realized he wasnt looking good resting on the table. I put him in my lap and noticed he was about to throw up. I surely didnt want him to puke on this table or in front of a bunch of guests. SO, I grabbed my purse and let him throw up in it. It was horrible. So needless to say, we left immediately and came home.

The lifegroup enjoyed the campout. I tried to talk Joel into staying home with a hurt head and all. But he refused. He wanted to try out his new creation- the X1. Thats another post! This is one pic I found on Joel's phone of the campout. Its of DJ, listening to an iPod. I love that kid!

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