Saturday, June 12, 2010


X1 = Experiment One

With the summer here, Joel had it in his mind that we needed another canoe or a kayake. We have been blessed with one canoe and use it often, but its starting to get uncomfortable with our growing family of 6 in the canoe these days.

So instead of buying a canoe, he decided he would build his own. He researched alot and gathered scraps, extra wood, and supplies around his shop and at home.

Then when he actually built the frame, I realized he was really serious! ;)

He wrapped it with fabric, and covered it with some kind of coating/sealant.

He took it for its maiden voyage and later tweaked its performance.

So the camping trip this weekend was the opportunity to try it out and see how well it would hold up. It passed!

Now, he is brainstorming X2.

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Foresterclan said...

THAT is TOO COOL!!! I love makeing things from scratch!! I forsee a fleet of Strickland ships before too long. Captian Joel already has two eager skippers I'm sure.

Tell him Kent will be impressed when I tell him of Joel's success!