Sunday, September 12, 2010


We have been doing school year round, but took a little break and started everything back up the first week of September. Here are a few pics!

This was our first day of STRICKLAND SCHOOL. We wanted to stay in our PJs and pose! :)

This is a pic of the girls first day of CO-OP. These lovely girl's are taking art, choir, PE, and photography at the local co-op.

This is a pic of the boys first day of PRE-K. They are so proud of their backpacks!

These are a few random pics from the few weeks in homeschool.

SO THANKFUL to have everyone home learning!

The girls are going to "Journey Across America" this year. Everyone's (mom included) going to learn alot about American History.

We are actually doing PRE-K/Kinder curriculum with DJ. His first official year to be homeschooled.

Even Tatortot is enjoy his tator tot trays! (Things to do)

This is going to be a super year!