Friday, September 24, 2010

Colorado Adventure

For our 13th anniversary- my handsome hubby and I went on a road trip to Colorado. We had soooo much fun- the trip just wasnt long enough!

Here are my favorite pics of the 300 I took! :)

This is the sun rising up behind a mountain. So beautiful to witness!

We enjoyed our mornings by the San Juan Creek that flowed peacefully through the town we stayed in.

This is the river downtown. So beautiful!

We had the pleasure to sit in the hot springs that overlooked the river. We soaked inthese "healing waters" several times. The waters ranged anywhere from 70 degress to 109.

We fully enjoyed being in the mountains. We spent some time mountain biking- it was so hard to breath going up-we werent adjusted to the altitude!

There were several opportunities to witness water falls. This one was breath taking! We were so close to the falls that we were being misted on.

This was Papa Bears favorite part of the adventure. We climbed (by car and foot) up the Great Divide. He was so proud we were so high. Look and see if you can read our elevation.

On our road trip home, we stopped at the Echo Amphitheater in New Mexico. BEAUTIFUL and amazing!

And also saw Cadillac Ranch- very interesting.

Our last stop was at the Palo Duro Canyon. Just reminds me of how big our God is!


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