Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hire a Strickland!!

The 6 Stricklands are going to the Dominican Republic! In an effort to raise funds, we are working side jobs.

-Joel is a carpenter and so talented when it comes to working with wood. He can build decks, awnings, cabinets, and even kayaks. He can also fix just about anything. Check out his kayak website.

-Tressa can come clean or organize anything. She can cook a homemade meal like no other and will deliver. She is available to sew or repair clothing. Tressa can also help in the garden.

-Kayla and Emily are so talented! They have been making beaded jewelry(pics to come), and can sew and stitch. They are also very helpful when it comes to babysitting. They can do any kinds of in house assistance- they are skilled when it comes to home economics.

-DJ makes a great assistant and can help dad or mom with just about anything. He even has his own tools!

-Taylor, well, he is just cute, does that pay? :)