Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas at the Strickland home

Our home is gradually becoming more festive for the holidays. It's been a little hard to be cheerful and excited like I usually am this time of year due to a sudden death of a friend. In an effort to move forward we are pushing through and continuing on with our normal traditions.

Someone snuck this strand of lights into our home. They are sensored so when we set them off for the first time we were surprised!! Since they go off often, we put them on our front door. Sure is fun to catch guests off guard with lights and music!

Next is our tree and fireplace. The girls pretty much set up the tree this year. So thankful for beautiful creative festive daughters!!

Walked past this the other day and had to take a picture. Yes Buzz and dinosaurs can worship baby Jesus at the stable!

Hopefully I can find the time to post more about ADVENT and what Christmas means to us.

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