Monday, December 20, 2010


December came and went so fast!
We had lots of fun doing the ADVENT-ture of Christmas.

We also talked alot about the true meaning of Christmas and tried to remain diligent in sharing why we do the things we do at Christmas. We like to point our rituals and traditions to Jes
us. This is our annual get on the roof picture! We did it this year with friends. There was so spiritual significance to getting on the roof, its just what we've been doing for 8 years!

We enjoyed time with friends and family! Especially with cousins from out of state and with uncle Matt from California. Em FINALLY beat Uncle Matt in our annual Monopoly game!

The girls sang beautifully at their Christmas concert. And Tatortot was ecstatic to get a new bike! He sure can travel by bike alot faster now! DJ was just as ecstatic to get a skateboard!

Below are other pics taken throughout December.

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