Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Grand Prize Winners!!

Yep, Joel and I won the grand prize from a raffle at the ACC staff Christmas party! The prize was 100,000 free airline miles with Southwest Airlines. Realize thats ALOT of miles! It expires December '08.

This is Southwest Airlines Destinations Map. We are open for any suggestions or ideas as to how/where we should use our miles.


Becca said...

Wow, that's awesome! CONGRATS!

artlady said...

somewhere where you need a family photographer to document your vacation :-) wink
How about Disney in Florida or Dolfin Cove in FLorida... your girls could swim with dolfins... but really why not leave the us and go to England or Germany or someplace where you could stay with Acc freinds?

<>< ashley McPherson said...

If you want a family vacation to DC my parents live up there. You could see the nation's capital for free (all museums and zoos are free up there and lodging would be also)
I think southwest flies into all 3 airports there-
BWI, Dulles and National

Crystal said...

That is wonderful!! I wouldn't even begin to think where to go. I think it would need to be something far away that I couldn't drive to without a degree of difficulty.

Tia said...

WHOA!! AWESOME!! While I was babysitting your girls you were winning big! I think you should give some of those miles to me. :-) Just kidding. I think you should go to the mountains. Ahhh, so beautiful!