Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ornaments on our tree.

With much inspiration from Charity's blog, we have decided to share with you what ornaments are on our tree and their significance. (Click to enlarge photo)

This is our very FIRST ornament as a married couple.

This is from our second Christmas, and one of our favorites.

Believe it or not, this ornament has engraved "Joel's first Christmas 1978"

A tree I decorated with my second grade picture in it.

Kayla's first ornament

Emily's first ornament

Dylan's first ornament

We are working on Taylor's first ornament.

Two very special ornaments worth mentioning. The angel was handmade by a dear woman of my side of our family. Her name was Alice and she loved us dearly. The manger scene was handmade by Barbara. A very kind woman who loves well and has so much talent!

Handmade is our favorite kind of ornaments on our tree.

The snowman is from my adventure in England. We also have a teddybear from Scotland, a glass clover from Ireland, a Rickshaw from India, and the wooden Nativity from Germany.

Candy Canes are highly important on our tree, we eat them all throughout the season.

One of Emily's favorite is the bell that has a brown hair girl (resembling Emy) that says " You're a sweetheart."

Lastly, our tree is covered in the PLASTIC balls. Each one is unique and decorated colorful and glittery. They get used and abused, and never have broken yet.

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