Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Got Back!!

Or in other
this baby
has a
big hiney!
(And belly, and thighs!)
He can't help it,
and I just love it!

After the
boys had
a bath
I dressed them.
(as twinkies- a
weakness I know)

But I couldnt fit
Taylor into his
size 18 months
pants, he fit
better in Dylans
size 2Tpants! HA!
So, we will just
have to keep them
them rolled up
to accomodate
all the crawling!


Crystal said...

Wow, my almost 2 year old daugther doesn't wear 2T. Thank goodness he is a boy. :)

I love dressing them alike.

kathy Strickland said...

Taylor is a cutie and he is just a hunk of love for sure, Once he starts walking, he'll trim down a litle.

God has just meant for him to be a big man. We all prayed that he would thrive when you were expecting and God has heard.

Just ike Samson, his strength(of character and body) will be used for God's Kingdom .

Angela said...

I thought Paddy was a big boy moving into 18 mos. already! They can be big guy friends. And...I still dress the 3 and 6 year olds as twinkies and they like it! I'm enjoying it while I can.