Thursday, January 10, 2008

LOOK at what we are watching ALOT of.

CARS by Pixar!

Dylan has just realized that the cars he got for Christmas come to life on TV!

We are
to not
go over
a twice
a day

This is truly a really good movie! Dont just trust our judgement, check out this quick clip.


kathy Strickland said...

Shows Dylan is growing up. Everything was Elmo;now he likes cars.

I really enjoyed spending Wednesday with the family and watching the end of Cars with Dylan

Becca said...

We love that movie around here too! It is definitely the boys FAVORITE movie, and mine and Brian's too. I love it because it is the only Disney movie that I know of that doesn't have a "scary" scene. We have just started realizing over the past couple years what an imagination David has, and even though those scary scenes are nothing to us, they really have an effect on him. The scene with Ursala in The Little Mermaid, or the bear scene in The Fox and The Hound, they scare him to death. All that to say I LOVE that we have a good fun movie with no "scary" parts. We have noticed that the boys have picked up a few choice words from Cars though, nothing to terrible, just ones we don't like to say around here (stupid, dumb, idiot-you know, that kind). Over all though, we think it's a great movie too!

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