Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kayla is #9

The name
of her team
is yet to be
The girls on
the team get
to pick out a
name! Can you
help us think
of a good name?

The Purple ____________.


Tricia said...

people eaters? Nah, I know that's not a great team name, it just ends the riddle. I love your blog and how often you post---queen blogger!

Tressa said...

The Purple People Eaters has been submitted already-haha! I like that one- it sounds like they mean business!
Thanks for the compliment girl, I am no queen bee when it comes to others out there blogging! But its a great outlet and way to share our happeneings with family and friends!

Crystal said...

Panthers. You need to a strong name to beat the other team.

Tressa said...

Ooooh, I like the Purple Panthers! GOOD one!

Lindsay said...

I just ran across your blog through the Saxon's. I used to work at Woodway in the computer lab. Kayla is getting so big!

Lindsay said...

I like Purple Poodles!

artlady said...

oh my first thought was panters... then people eaters... then i clicked to the comments and laughed.
SO to submit something different...
The purple princesses..
the purple plungers (we're a gonna flush you out)!!!
the purple penguins
alrighty then it's late...

kathy Strickland said...

Yeah! Kayla!! She looks lie she could score and goal or two!

Kayla looks adorable! I know she will make many more friends.

I bet Dylan likes kicking the ball with her

Mandy said...

Well Purple People Eaters came to mind first but I guess that is not really a nice name. Then Purple Princesses came to mind but it is a little to nice and dainty! man Panthers may win because all the other P animals (I mean alliteration is a must) are not so fierce and competitive penguins can't really run fast (we can save that one for a swim team), parrots just talk (that would be me on the field) and then I though how about the Purple Porcupines! Probably not, well on another note soccer was Keegan's main sport so if you need someone to help practice with let him know, he is about to start playing on a men's league again.

Uncle Matt said...

The Purple Ponies. They are fast and agile like soccer players. Mandy says Panthers cause she went to Midway. Homer! Purple Pride or Pride of the Purple also came to mind. Purple Cobra's from the movie dodgeball, lol. Purple puppies, Purple Rain, lol. Purple Koolaid! Purple Uncle Matt Lovers is my main vote though =)

SuperMom said...

Let me share, from experience, that Kellie-Laine was on a purple people eaters basketball team a year ago. It was cute at first, but then became pretty embarassing. Especially the part where the girls would huddle with their hands piled on top of each other and yell "GO PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS" right before the game. It wasn't very intimidating, you know?

People just sort of laughed.


bri said...

Panthers is definitely a great one but i thought of pirates... I know they are girls but hey. You do what you gotta do to win the game and if you have to be a scurvy pirate then bi-golly you may as well be a purple one. Pirates are good at being slick and getting the "loot".

Looking Great Kayla!
love ya