Sunday, February 17, 2008


Adapted from FLYLADY, (A helpful website that assists moms in keeping their house in order) I have implemented a new "tidy-ing up the house" system and I HAVE to share it with all of you!
Of course, one of my main jobs is a housekeeper. SO I have a routined schedule in place as to what "zone" I deep clean each day. Daily- it gets all undone, things all over, toys, clothes, everything is dissaray. I do NOT have the time and energy to be constantly tidying up. So, we all now have our own Tidy Zones!
What is a zone you ask? I have broken my home down into sections or zones.

*Zone 1: The Entrance, Guest Bathroom
*Zone 2: The Kitchen, Dining Room
*Zone 3: The Stairs, Kid's Bathroom
*Zone 4: The Living Room

I have given each family member above the age of three (Dylan is two- his chores only consist of feeding the dog, and cleaning his room) a zone to be in charge of for half a month. (During one pay period) We each must make sure our zone is kept tidy as many times as youd like, but at least once after dinner time.

Of course there are other chores our children are in charge of, but this is one everyone jumps in. And for some reason, everyone is happy with me saying "Go tidy up your zone" versus "can someone help me pick up the living room?" And if the zones are completely tidied up in a cheerful, quickly manner, there will be a dot awarded. (I mentioned previously about our DOT system )

This is a great system that could be used for even roommates, or couples with no children. Im LOVIN' IT!

Anyone else have any good tips or ideas on keeping a tidy home?


Crystal said...

No, but I am totally going to steal from you. I can't wait until I have a moment to check out that website.

God has really been revealing to me lately that I lead an undiscplined life. This is one of the areas. Thanks for the suggestions!!

artlady said...


HOW FUN!!! I've seen flylady website. oh so helpful.

Love the look of your new site.

I've broken our house down by rooms also recently but i didn't think to make it fun by naming it a zone. it helps me think i only need to get one room clean, and not the entire house.


Becca said...

I like that idea, I may have to steal it :) Anything to get everyone else to help me, hehe.

Mandy said...

Tell everyone to keep their zoen teh "in"zone! Heehee! Great idea!