Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parent’s University: Organization

This is a series hosted by Kat. This weeks topic is organization. Honestly, I am in the middle of trying to reorganize my home, so I look forward to reading alot of the tips.

I just thought I would share about our chore chart we use. I think its important for our kids to work around the home (instilling a work ethic), and to earn some allowance in the process, which is a great way for them to more learn about
(earning, counting, tithing, saving, and spending) money.

We have tried several chore charts, and none have ever been practical for us. Finally I came up with the "DOT" system. I have a 12 month small size laminated calendar, and each month gets posted on a board in the kitchen. I have two girls doing chores, so I have two calendars up.

For each chore done, a dot is awarded. So on that day, when the chore is done- we make a dot from a permanent marker on the calendar. A big chore might get awarded a couple of dots. The girls are old enough to go make their own dots, I dont have to touch the chart if I dont want to! But I like to award them dots at times too. It is pre decided what chore earns a dot. And the girls know. But at times, I might award a dot for being an extra super helper at Walmart.

Each dot = 10 cents. So, twice a month (around daddy's pay period to be exact) the girls count their dots, and tell us how much they've earned. Its been a great exercise in math counting by tens!! They have money jars where they collect the money, then when its time to tithe at church, or go shopping they put it in their wallets.

WHY I like this system? Its practical. There is no upkeep other than a calendar posted a month, and a marker, or pen to make the dots. We have tried so many things, and this is just something we could be consistent in doing. Now, with little brothers, we have to keep the marker in a "secret location"!


Lisa H said...

I like your chore chart idea--that looks like fun for the kids! I'm curious what age you started doing this?

Tressa said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for leaving a comment. I started trying several chore charts when the girls were 4 & 5. We started this particular idea when the girls were 5 & 6. That was two years ago, so it has withheld the test of time!

Becca said...

We do something like this, we use star. This far they have just enjoyed seeing their stars pile up, but I think we might start doing money reward too.