Saturday, November 22, 2008

A special visitor!

We had a great visit with our Uncle Matt over the weekend. Uncle Matt is Joel's brother, he is in town from California.

He is a celebrity in our house, our children love him dearly and so do Joel and I. (We named our Matthew Taylor after Matt) We treasure any second we can see him. We had to bribe him over with some good food and a chance to have the bragging rights of winning a game of monopoly.

Well, again this year- Matt won monopoly, mind you this is "Littliest Pet Shop" Monopoly and the girls had already dropped out. The two brothers-both stubborn as can be fought it out to the end, and Joel had to pay up. Poor Joel.

We also enjoyed a cool bike ride, some hot chocolate and some Wii playing! We love you Uncle Matt!!

1 comment:

Uncle Matt said...

What in the world are those goofy grins i have in the first 2 pics! haha, wow.