Friday, November 14, 2008

WE'RE BACK!! (well kinda)

How is everyone enjoying the Fall? We are loving the cooler weather! Although we don't like it when it gets too cold or too hot- our heating and air system died. (We now know what we will be spending our income tax on in the spring!)

We're back online- it was nice to take a complete break, although it was not entirely optional to go offline- we had to choose to buy groceries or pay our phone/internet bill. We chose groceries and roughed it for 11 days with no phone or internet. ;) It turned out to be a great break and there were many accomplishments at home.

I know I promised you all pictures, but I have so little time to upload-edit any plus my picture taking is slacking! SO instead- since we have been out a bit, I came up with a fun top ten list of happenings. Read on!


We had fun last weekend at Joel's cousins wedding, the wedded couple's first dance was the TANGO! One of our most fav. weddings attended thus far!

Thanksgiving preparations are underway, we are making the desserts for the Bounds side of the family. The girls will get to make their first pies this year!


At Halloween, the kids were Queen Esther (Kayla), a Leopard (Emily), a Train (Dylan), and a Train Conductor (Taylor) I dressed up too as a conductor in some overalls- I felt like a goof all night long!

We voted. And we are not necessarily happy with the results, but trusting in God who is a God of all nations-we can trust Him with everything that happens in our life, in our city, in our state, and in our country.

We're getting our family photos taken soon! (once mommy's monthly blemishes are gone!) Will post the results when they are in!

Our Nana celebrated her 50th birthday, we had a lovely party for her in Mansfield. Interesting facts- 50 years ago- gas was 30 cents a gallon, postage stamp were 4 cents, minimum wage was $1/hour, and houses were generally sold around $18,000!

Our Dylan-ator is just that. He is enjoying preschool, playing with friends, doing "school" at home too, reading new books (well-looking at the pictures) and we're proud to say he can count to 15 on his own! He loves his "tickles" which are his zip up footy pajamas.

Taylor is enjoying the game of "PEEKABOO" and plays it very well! Poor guy- we took him to the doctor today- a double ear infection. Please pray for health!

We pulled Kayla out of public school and is now being home schooled. She really needed that one on one. All of us are loving every bit of it!

Emily has gotten impatient with her daddy- who hasn't been reading the Chronicles Of Narnia often to the girls like he has been- SO- she decided to start reading it herself! Her nose is always in a book!

Sorry, had one more thing to mention- we watched an INCREDIBLE movie called END OF THE SPEAR, if you haven't seen it- you really should! A great movie based on a true story.

We will be posting some fun Thanksgiving links and things, so come back again soon!


Becca said...

yeah! we are so glad you're back! sounds like you guys have been really busy. glad to hear the homeschooling is going good! see you tomorrow!

kathy Strickland said...

Glad you are back on line! I like hearing about the Stricklands and what is going on with them!

mideastmom said...

Welcome to the wild and woolly world of homeschooling! (Or maybe you've done this before? In that case, welcome back!)

Anyway, if/when you have days that you doubt your ability, know that as I've read your blog and learned more about you, I've thought that you would make a great homeschooler. I never tell people that when I think it, because I don't want them to think that I think they *should* homeschool, just that they *could*, if led to.

So, at this point at which you're led, be encouraged. My kids only wish I did the cool projects with them that you already did with your kids in public school. :-P

Foresterclan said...

You are going to be an AWESOME HS mommy! Welcome to the group.

My Mekala read all the Chronicals of Narnia books in a matter of weeks. It is so cool when they really get into something like that!

Tia said...

oooooh end of the spear, yes-seen it, yes-nervous about being a missionary pilot's wife someday...hopefully.

glad you're back.

bri said...

Hahahahaha. okay found the homeschooling post. Okay I am good now. hehehe

Sounds like you all have had quite the eventful time off! Love your family! Can't wait to see the pictures!

love ya