Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, we wanted to post why we are thankful.

Joel is thankful for his beautiful wife, healthy children, and any opportunity to cycle.

Tressa is thankful for a gracious God, family, friends, job, good health, a beautiful home, nice minivan, and her new hair color.

Kayla is thankful for Jesus, family, friends, piano and homeschool.

Emily is thankful for God, her family, friends, and her Littliest Pet Shop collection.

Dylan is thankful for daddy, mommy, sisters, Taylor, school, any type of vehicle, and Daisy (our dog).

Taylor is thankful for good food, family, and for his big brother and big sisters.

Please take a moment and think of the things your thankful for this holiday and count your blessings!
Also, read a post about having a thankful heart written by our momma, by clicking here.

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