Monday, February 2, 2009

A bloggable mention

Did you notice the new blog header?

A year or so ago, Emily made a Strickland family out of LEGO's. I was so impressed I took a few pictures. Recently, I've been wanting a new blog header, and didn't really have any recent pics so I decided to take this picture out and see what we could do with it.

A gal pal, and a Supermom blogger named Angela has started a new business called Creative Blank. She will create. You fill in the blank what she creates. You name it; she creates it.

So, I sent her this picture, and explained what I wanted, what colors and preferences that I desired. She was able to come up with such a creative header- I had her change nothing! This lady is amazing! And her prices to put together the headers and other products like invitations and birth announcements are BETTER than reasonable.

Check out Creative Blank's website to see all of her crafty creations. You know, I consider myself a crafty person, but not on her level!!

Thank you to Angela for the cutest blog top!

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