Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Our precious Kayla turned ten today on February 5th. My goodness, how she has grown! Joel and I stand in shock that ten years have gone by since this girl was born!!

This picture was her first ever taken! She was born at 28 1/2 weeks weighing only 2lbs 12 oz. She is truly a miracle baby! I remember after recovering, and the NICU staff in awe at how well she was doing! To this day- she still has that strong will about herself! (Notice, she has Joel's wedding ring in her right hand, just to gain perspective how big she really was.)

Joel and I eventually had our first family photo taken with Kayla on Feb. 17th, she weighed 2lbs 9oz. in this photo. She came home a month or so later at 4lbs 1 oz--monitor free and cordless!

Here we are now, ten years later.

We are so proud and blessed to have Kayla in our family for too many reasons to mention. In celebration of 10 years, we thought we would list out TEN of our favorite things about Kayla, no
t in any particular order.

1. She is a prayer warrior! She loves God, and is so full of faith!
2. She has a heart of gold. Always willing to help, or give to others in need.

3. She is gorgeous! Always has been so beautiful!

4. She is a family girl- family is a priority to her. God knew we needed her as the big sister in this family!

5. She is ver
y creative!! Such a great story writer and art illustrator.
6. She balances being girly and being a tomboy well! Loves to look pretty but
not afraid to get dirty!
7. She is a leader. God willing- she will use those talents to lead others.

8. She has a tune to music. Not only a beautiful voice- but a talent with the piano. We love her new song she made up. She sings and plays on the piano "Chocolate Chips, Are Very Yummy."
9. She is very athletic and adventurous. She loves swimming, snorkeling, cycling, hiking, camping, and traveling.
10. She is one with nature. She likes to replant trees, take care of her flowers, and loves to
nurture plants.

We look forward to many many many more years celebrating this girl!!



The Gardner's said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kayla!!!! I'll never ever forget the day you were born. You have always been such a blessing and are one of the sweetest young ladies I've ever met. I hope I get to spend more time with you and get to know you better in the future, you are really something special.

Mandy said...

I can not believe it has been ten years! Kayla you are a true delight! It brings tears to my eyes to see how far God has brought you and to know how far reaching His glorious plans are for you!

Papa Walt said...

Kayla, I think you are so great and wish you a happy B-Day as you turn 10 yrs old. You started out as a miracle and continue to be so blessed as a young lady, I am proud of you.

Papa Walt

kathy Strickland said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!

We give thanks for you always. You came to us as a miracle and you have remained a great miracle of love and joy through these years!

We love you!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Your blog looks great! Happy birthday sweet girl!

kholley101 said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Kayla!! We are glad that you are in our lives!

The Holleys