Friday, February 27, 2009

How Great Thou ART!

The girls completed a three day seminar called "How Great Thou ART" by renowned artist Barry Stebbing earlier this week.

It was such a wonderful experience for the girls and for ME! I sat in on the last class and was so inspired to teach my children the joy of art.

We learned about drawing, painting, colors, and learned more about GOD! God was so creative- He created the blue skies, the green mountains, the colorful fish of the sea and of course beautiful people. He made us in His own image- therefore- we have the great ability to create as well!

One day, Barry let the girls bring home one of his man
y journals he had on display. These journals are full of his drawings and reflections- breathtaking! We were at awe at this mans work and his heart!

I bought some curriculum to be able to continue teaching at home about art. I also bought me a blank journal like the one Barry uses to start journaling again. I posted one of my entires on The Grouchy Ladybug.

We will share more of our art accomplishments
with all of you out there as we accomplish them. To see more of Barry Stebbings work and products, click on his website link.

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