Saturday, June 20, 2009

The big 3-0

Well- well. I turned 30 today.


It sure does feel good. I mean, I have had some drama beforehand about 30, I dont think it helped that Kayla just turned ten earlier this year. These big milestones sure do hit hard!

Funny, I remember turning 20. I could NOT wait to be 20, because I was pregnant with Kayla at 19, and Joel wouldnt stop calling me his "pregnant teenage wife". I desested that phrase - and wanted to be grown and 20 and pregnant! Yes, Joel and I started life way too young- married at 18! WHEW!

But here I am, Im confortable now in my 30's. Im ready to be officially grown up! But will I ever grow up? Nah! Life's too short for too much seriousness! Did you know birthdays are good for you? Statistics show that the people who have the most birthdays live the longest!! How about that??

So- heres to many many more birthdays!!!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. It could be worse, I got pregnant on my 30th birthday!

Adam Jennings said...

Ha! You're funny. Happy birthday girl!

Adam Jennings said...

That was Camille, not Adam by the way:)