Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stricklands, Stricklands, how does your garden grow?

Well, our garden is growing out of control!! We have officially outgrown our garden! We will be expanding next year! :D

Right now, our okra plants are making okra daily! I need to start cooking it before it all goes bad! Our tomatoes are so delicious. I just have to pick them off the vine before they are red, they ripen in the kitchen bay window...the birds love our tomatoes! Cant wait to pick our corn! I hope its edible! We have about 8 ears of corn.

Then we have our sunflowers, which are now above 10 feet. We have started to harvest the seeds for next year! We also have started harvesting our bluebonnet seeds too!

Our wa
termelon and cantaloupe plants are taking over the garden (after numerous attempts to thin them out). I've recently given in and let them grow everywhere!

We are so excited to see these melons getting fat! I have no idea when to pick them? Anyone know?

And we have cantaloupe everyhwere! The Strickland clan are gonna learn to love this stuff this year!

Of course our butterfly garden has taken off. Everything is so colorful and in bloom. We have seen lots of butterflies come to visit. We were even able to raise a caterpillar and release it as a butterfly in our garden. SO much fun!

(pics of butterfly to come- they are on Joel's iPhone)

And lastly our pumpkin plant. It has expanded tremendously and has about 6 pumpkins growing. I hope they grow big and we are able to carve them this fall!!


Mandy said...

your garden is amazing! you guys definitely have green thumbs!

Jon & Ashley McP said...

That is awesome! You are going to have to learn how to can things to save them.