Monday, June 1, 2009

Lake Alan Henry Adventure

We went on an Adventure to Lake Alan Henry to be with the Barnes family. We had so much fun but didnt want to leave. We love the Barnes clan and we love the lakehouse and lake! We will be back VERY soon!

Three generations of Barnes boys. We love Pawpaw Barnes! I think Taylor looks like him! (aside from all the blond hair!)

Arleen is someone who I just LOVE to be around. She is spicy, fun, loving, and just enjoyable! Sadly this is the only pic we got of her driving her boat!

She has set up such a lovely place. This is the new gameroom she made. If the kids werent on the boat, they were in this room playing away!

There are sandy roads to get to all of the lakehomes. We were venturing out into the fields and found a 3 foot rattle we didnt get a pics and no I wouldnt let Joel kill it- we were all too scared! (Except Joel of course)

We spent alot of time on the lake boating, snorkeling, sea-dooing, swimming, cliff-jumping, wakeboarding, and sunbathing. SO REFRESHING!

Poor Taylor is just a little too young, he took a nap everytime we got on the boat.

Lastly, this was our friend turtle from our favorite spot- Turtle Cove.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

fun fun!

kathy Strickland said...

Glad you all got a weekend of enjoyment! With your schedule, you guys needed some special family time.

We missed here; but happy you got time with the Barnes family

Tricia said...

Guess Joel is use to those rattlesnakes...I remember them finding them under their porches on occasion. Fun times.

The Gardner's said...

How fun, looks like an awesome trip!