Monday, July 27, 2009

# 4 on July 28th!!

Yep, our little man is FOUR today! My oh my how time flys by! Look at how he has changed over the years! (Doesnt he just look 4 is this recent pic?)

I was getting sentimental and going through some of his pictures. Just wanted to share a few pics on the site.Click on them to enlarge.

Newborn pics

1st Bday

DJ in India. He had hurt himself- was teething, and down to his last pacifier- which was strung around his neck with yarn- we did NOT want to lose that thing!

LOVED greatly by his sisters!

A big brother he became, a very good one at that too!

1st Big boy bed!

Peter Pan at Halloween!

A boy who truly loves all modes of transportation!

Is always willing to hang out!

DJ's train party- for his 2nd bday!

A boy for adventure- just like his daddy!

An an expedition to the zoo.

Riding the metro with mom in DC. Such a good traveler. LOVES adventures!

This boy LOVES to eat. This was DJ at the luau a few months ago. I was sitting next to him and noticed he looked like this. He was shoveling in about 30 grapes! Just couldnt get enough!!

This is Dylans best bud! They are a little less than a day apart. They had a joint bday party last year. FUN!

This boy loves his rubber boots! Even in the heat of the summer without socks!

Carpentry work, figuring out/and fixing and building things are a passion both DJ and his dad share!

Has always been a fish! LOVES the water.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Sweet post. Happy Birthday!!!

kathy Strickland said...


Thanks for including us in your plans for your special day!

It was so much fun to ride the train with you and go to the fire station as well.

You are a special gift to our family and we give thanks to our Father for you!!!


Mandy said...

I can't believe he is FOUR! How precious to see his growth and yes he does look four in the fist pic! Such a precious addition tot eh fam! Happy B-Day Dylan!

Brian and Becca said...

Happy Bday Dylan!!! We love you! WOW, how time flies!

bri said...

I found a picture the other day of me in the nursery holding both he and Isabelle Gallegos... they were both sleeping!!!

So precious! I am starting to go through some of Bear's baby, baby pics and videos... I tear up but am so happy with who he has become! Love'em while they are here! :)