Friday, July 3, 2009

Another magnificent post....

There is so much stuff I want to post and so little time to do it. My sweet hubby gave me some time to attach myself to the computer to write a post. I dont necessarily want to write a bunch of posts- so here is a nice big fat post!!

I will start with the big 3-0. To my gladness, Joel worked super hard on putting together a pool party to celebrate my birthday. It was SO SWEET!

Lots of family and friends showed up and we had a splashing good time! Janice made my cake- I felt like a little kid again when I saw it- I was so excited! We grilled, enjoyed cake, swam, had duckey races and enjoyed eachother. It was a great birthday indeed! I am SO blessed! And 30 isnt so bad!

We recently went and got all of our hair cuts! Momma was tired of dealing with nappy hair this summer! The pool is just making our hair so naughty! ;) I also got my hair permed and cut! Definitely a new look for me- I love it!

A week or so ago, we took Taylor to see his 1st movie ever! We saw the movie UP in a small town called Clifton where our Granny and Granpa live. This place was so cool because its Texas' oldest continuously operating movie theatre. The owners were so nice, they gave Taylor his own shirt in honor of his 1st movie showing! Check out their website.

We are enjoying our garden. Its growing so nicely. Just tonight, we pulled off our first watermelon. Last week we ate our first cantaloupe. Our pumpkins are starting to turn orange! We've been storing all the herbs and okra- just cant eat it all enough.

Our sunflowers grew so tall, bloomed, and made their seeds. We were able to dry them all out and harvest the seeds. SO MUCH FUN! We cannot wait till next year to plant them again!

The Strickland School is ramping up for another great year. I was able to attend a conference in Austin to get encourages, inspired and do some curriculum research. SO EXCITING! I went with a good friend who also homeschools. We ate at Cheddars for lunch (which was out of our way-we almost didnt go to this one) and as we were walking up to the entrance, a car parked up front had this sticker on the back of their car. Unbelievable! I took this picture as a sign. Its official, we are going strong for another year! I looked it up and there is a Christian school in Austin called "The Strickland School". Not sure everyone here will want to read about our homeschooling adventures. SO! I started another site called The Strickland School. It will be a journal of our adventures in homeschooling, our opinions, experiences, trials, and triumphs! I will post on this site when we have a new post over there. I have a few posts up, my most recent: 9 REASONS WHY WE HOMESCHOOL.

Its summer! We are enjoying our swimming, art, adventure, gymnastic, family, and lake days. Good times!

"Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world." ~Ada Louise Huxtable

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carlisle clan conversation... said...

So fun...I saw a pic of your cake and it was AMAZING! Happy Birthday, too! Looking forward to the home school posts,already reading! By the way yes, one of the owners is Randy's 2nd. cousin and I actually just found out they bought it the day you went because that morning we had or family reunion. Small world!