Monday, July 27, 2009


Our dad, who we have lovingly renamed J-MAN, has been training for a long time for the local Triathlon, which was this last weekend! He did so amazing we are just so proud! He placed a 94 in overall place!

The cool thing about this race was he had to wear a micro-chip on his ankle. It recorded all of his stats throughout the race. Click here to read those stats. If you click in the brown box to show all, you can see everyone's stats from the race. There were 324 people in the Sprint Triathlon race.

All that hard work paid off! At first, his goal was to finish the race, and when he finished 7th during the trial run his goal changed to be in the first 100. He did it! Now he is thinking of how to improve for the next traithlon next year! ;)

Of course our Papa came and took lots of wonderful pictures. Click here to see the pictures.

Joel was so blessed by
all the prayers, enouragements, and praises! Especially this morning when he found 9 signs all in our yard saying things like "WAY TO GO!"


kathy Strickland said...

Joel: We are very proud of you! Not just for how well you did in the race;but for all the weeks of discipline in training and preparation!

You have done this in everyday things as well. You have kept your eyes forward and running life's race in a way that we are greatly proud of you!

We love you!

Brian and Becca said...

Congrats Joel! That's awesome! We were sad to miss it, but we're really proud of you (and a little jealous :) ) What an accomplishment!