Friday, December 4, 2009


We have had some joyous moments so far this holiday season.

We are learning about Christmas traditions around the world. We started off with Sweden. We learned alot of new things like the Swedes celebrate St. Lucias day on Dec13th. Read more about St. Lucia's Day by clicking here. We made crowns to wear around. We will move onto France next week!

Joel was blessed by a new bike for Christmas. Its a Cannondale. He is a loved man! It was an early gift of course, cause it needed to be enjoyed asap! He has already wiped out on the trails! Boys will be boys!

Also, it snowed today. A rare occurrence for sure. Long enough to get some pictures!

Here is a pic of the boys in front of the tree yesterday. They are so cute!

And its so wonderful to be under His grace!

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